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Who is Petra Verhoef?

In 2004 Petra founded Samma after realizing that her life purpose was to help people in finding their true self and empowering them in their own intuitive abilities.

For many years Petra worked in a business environment as a project manager. Originally in IT, but more and more in non-governmental organisations (NGO). Her focus shifted towards guiding people in their personal development, leading to the founding of Samma, Center for Intuitive Development. Petra works as intuitive therapist and educator, wrote the (Dutch) book 'Trust, how intuition enriches your life'', is a magazine columnist (Dutch) and radio host (English).

Petra also broadcasts a weekly FREE, spoken channeling, sent to you by email. Click here for more information and subscription. 


Petra about Rigpa

"Since 2007 I attended many Tibetan Buddhist teachings and workshops. In 2013 my Tibetan Buddhist Teacher Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche (www.tulkulobsang.org) granted me permission to pass on Rigpa to others. For me that was a very special moment and I feel grateful and honored that I am allowed to spread this beautiful meditation. Often I am moved to tears when noticing what Rigpa does for my students. Rigpa leads to the realization that everything and everybody belong together. This Unity experience automatically generates a different perspective of life. It leads to more peacefullness, understanding and compassion because you find out that everything just is what it is, without feeling the urge to have an opinion about it"



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